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Bill Self

Bill Self is an ass clown.  I don’t even need to provide unbiased examples of why this guy sucks so much.  Last night he once again proved that just because you can recruit some of the best talent in the country doesn’t mean you know squat about coaching.

You can debate whether or not Billy should have had his players foul Michigan with under a minute to play in the game, but you can’t debate the fact that Billy looked like a complete tool on the sideline (see photo above)- although I do have to admit the hat looks better than the awkward sweaty rug he normally sports.  So, with no further ado, let’s provide a quick breakdown of what happened in the last three minutes of regulation in Kansas’s 85-87 loss to Michigan.

Kansas was leading 62-72 with just under three minutes to play in regulation.  There was a stoppage in play and I can only assume Billy instructed his team to continue to turn the ball over, miss free throws, and stop playing defense.  How else can you explain his team’s total breakdown?  Billy really went all-in and doubled down on the “let’s do the last thing they’d expect us to do” approach.  The Jayhawks saw their 10 point lead shrink to 5 with 20 seconds to play and then to 0 as time expired.  I tip my hat to Michigan for a hard fought game, but if you Kansas fans are looking for anyone to blame for this loss, look no further than your turd burglar of a coach.

-Andrew Murky


Our Final Four Picks

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Illinois, Ohio State, Michigan and Michigan State.

Illinois will be cutting down the nets in Atlanta

-Unbiased Sports Reporters

UK? More Like sUcKs!

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3-20-2013 9-45-42 AM

Final: sUcKs-57 Robert Morris-59

The University of Kentucky completed what can only be deemed as the worst follow-up season to a National Championship in NCAA history.  Losing in the first round of the NIT has got to be pure karma for a team that will have to indubitably vacate its most recent tournament championship after it is discovered that Coach Cal is guilty of recruitment violations.  I mean really!? How many times does this guy need to be under investigation and leave former programs in ruins for the NCAA to issue him a lifetime ban?  I think it’s only fair to vacate all of Kentucky’s previous basketball championships and relegate the team to NAIA. 

Not only did Kentucky make an early exit in the NIT, they lost in the flipping first round to Robert Morris!  Don’t get me wrong, if I wanted a quick MBA that holds no admiration in the business world, Robert Morris is one of the first schools I would call, but the Colonials were dead last in the country in field goal percentage and their best win came against a college called Monmouth. 

So go ahead Coach Cal, look in the mirror and tell yourself those tumors growing on your head where your temple should be are just intelligence bulges as a result of your heightened basketball I.Q., but remember that you resided over one of the worst Kentucky basketball seasons in history.  You should be ashamed.

-Andrew Murky

Chris Stewart

The St. Louis Blues completed a very impressive home stand and have now proven that they are the clear cut favorites to win Lord Stanley’s Cup.  Chris Stewart had a highlight reel goal in overtime to seal the win for the Blues and lock up their third straight victory. 

With the roster getting healthier there is no longer a debate: the Blues are the best team in the NHL (are you listening in Chicago?).  It is an unbiased fact that Chicago has been over-hyped and overrated.  As a fan who does not have a favorite NHL team I am finding it easier and easier to root for the Blues as they play the game the correct way and do not make excuses like the Blackhawks.

Usually I refrain from expressing joy for any team, but what the hell, Let’s Go Blues!

-Andrew Murky