Chief Illiniwek set to return to Illinois Football and Basketball Games

Posted: July 20, 2013 in Sports
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Is what I wish I could be reporting right now…  However, due to liberal outrage, the institution that is the Chief will remain dormant for now.  Don’t you liberals have a Trayvon Martin protest to attend?  I thought conservatives were supposed to be the party poopers.  The only real news out of Illini camp right now is the new helmet design (pictured above).  I do like the new design, although last year I wasted (cough cough-wisely invested) $100 on the now outdated Illini football helmet.  If only the “I” on the side represented the amount of BIG 10 wins the Illini got last year.  Maybe this season they should start with a BIG O on their helmets then add the I after the first BIG 10 win, and ultimately end up with a VI (Hey! A brother can dream can’t he?).  I smell some effin roses!

-Andrew Murky

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