Illini Greats – Where Are They Now?

Posted: August 10, 2013 in Sports
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Prior to reading this article you should know that no real research was performed and everything in this article is based off hearsay.  That being said, I personally believe everything stated below.

Kurt Kittner – Currently doing color commentary for Illini football.  Although we all wish Kurt was still hurling the pigskin, it’s great to see this former star still involved with the program.

Dee Brown – Tours the country looking to be the marshal of local parades.

Jerry Hester – Also doing color commentary but for the basketball team.

Kiwane Garris – Moved to Canada to pursue a life in big game hunting.

Frank Williams – Working as a prison guard or in prison (can’t remember).

Scott Spezio – At the bar.

Derek Dimke – Does voice over work for Morgan Freeman.  When Morgan Freeman was asked he said, “He’s the only guy who sounds more like Morgan Freeman than Morgan Freeman.”

Sean Pruitt – SP! What?  SP currently writes erotic children’s novels.

Jamar Smith – I believe Jar Jar is redshirting and will be playing for the orange and blue next year.

Jack Ingrahm – Current starter for the Lakers.

Jereme Richmond – See Frank Williams post above.

Kevin Turner – Drums.

Corey  Bradford – Doing exactly what he’s always been doing…. Making it rain!

Did we miss any of your favorites?  Post the names below if there was anyone you wanted to see.

  1. #realtalk says:

    I hear Mike Tisdale is doing big things? Can you confirm?

    • Andrew Murky, MBA says:

      Thanks for the response. Tisdale “Tizzy” is selling socks at a sports retail store in Springfield. Thanks for reading.

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