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Umm, in a word, YES.  I am not even going to humor the notion that Miller is still in Buffalo come next Wednesday (sorry any Buffalonians holding out hope), it’s a formality and simply a matter of when.  I am curious as to what exactly Buffalo is expecting in return, but I think there a few different options that make sense for the Blues.  Perhaps a draft pick, Jaro, and Chris Stewart would be sufficient?  Maybe an underachieving Berglund and Jaro?  Perhaps even a Jake Allen would be enough to satisfy Buffalo (although I shutter to think of trading another potential Ben Bishop).  I don’t like the idea of Doug Armstrong trading away any of the young core talent (including Ty Rattie), but I don’t think Chris Stewart is currently a vital cog for the Blues in winning a Cup this year.  The same argument could be made for Berglund or Allen (although trading Allen has much larger potential long-term impacts).

Having an elite goalie always seems to be a common denominator amongst former champions (excluding the Blackhawks).  The Blues have been better at scoring this year when compared to previous seasons, but the post season is a different animal where goals always seem to be at a premium.  With that in mind, it is imperative the Blues have someone between the pipes who can stop every shot he should (and a handful of ones he shouldn’t).  I am sure we will all be mesmerized by the daily rumors being spewed on Twitter, but do not be surprised if by the end of the weekend Ryan Miller becomes a Blue (also don’t be surprised if he doesn’t).  Heck, I may preorder my Miller jersey tonight.  Let’s go Blues!

Andrew Murky, MBA