They Took Our Jobs!

Posted: September 5, 2014 in Uncategorized

Week two of college football kicks off tomorrow, and the Illini will matchup against Conference USA Juggernaut Western Kentucky.  In week one WKU did their best impression of the Illini offense by putting up nearly 60 points on Bowling Green.

De Took Errr Jobs!

The similarities did not stop on the offensive side of the ball as WKU gave up 30+ points to an inferior opponent.

De Derg Err Jerrbs!

Illini did look okay on the defensive side of the ball in week 1, but lets keep in mind they played an FSC opponent.  I do expect the Illini to prevail in this game as C-USA is for pussies.  Also, wtf is WKU’s mascot, a big red pile?

Prediction: Illini-45 WKU-38

Andrew Murky, MBA


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