The Most Overrated Player EVER – Derek Jeter

Posted: September 26, 2014 in Uncategorized

Now that Derek Jeter has played his last game at Yankee Stadium, hopefully everyone can come back down to Earth and remember him for what he was – a pretty good hitting short stop. You would think Babe Ruth was retiring (ya know, someone who actually deserved the huge send off parade) based off all the media inflated attention given to the Yankees captain. Jeter was, and will always be a mediocre defender who could swing the bat pretty well.

His two most famous defensive plays were the most unnecessary things I’ve ever seen in baseball. I am, of course, referring to the time he caught a ball basically in fair territory and then ran a completely unnecessary 30 feet and dove headfirst into the stands. Now it may have been necessary for a baby giraffe to lose balance and fall into the stands, but is it really for a grown ass man who, by all accounts, had fully developed legs? And who could forget the time he impeded a ball to the plate by stopping it and relaying it to the plate at a snails pace. That’s it, your defensive highlight reel! #impressive

Now before everyone freaks out and stands up for #2, keep in mind I am not saying he was a bad player. Derek Jeter, in his prime, was a very good hitting shortstop, but in no way does that warrant all the current pomp and circumstance. Will Albert Pujols have the same send off? Did Chipper, Griffey, or Ripken receive the elaborate fair well tour? My final point is simple, the adoration for Jeter is evidently a product of him playing baseball in New York. There is no logical explanation. Which makes me say, “shame on you” for celebrating mediocrity like Domino’s Pizza.

Andrew Murky, MBA


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