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English: Louie, Blues Maskot.

Who is ready for some hard hitting, puck shooting, head punching playoff hockey?  This writer is personally more excited than Tiger Woods at an all you can eat Asian buffet.  With the Stanley Cup Playoffs beginning tomorrow it is time the Unbiased Sports Reports made their unbiased Stanley Cup Champion prediction: The St. Louis Blues.

It is no secret that the Blues have followed their hearts all year.  As coach Hitchcock famously said, “We lead as much as possible, but when we must follow… We follow our hearts.”  Well said Hitch!  We couldn’t agree more with your sentiment, and know that the Blues will use their Grinch hearts (after he has his epiphany of course) to bring “3x” the pain to their opponents.

You better believe that on Tuesday night the Scottrade Center will be rockin louder than Patrick Kane at a Miley Cyrus concert.  The boisterous atmosphere will give the Blues all the inspiration they need to really take it to the Kings.  The Blues have not forgotten about what happened last year in the playoffs.  The Kings really drew a short straw and will have to face the hottest regular season team in the first round.

The Blues have some key players that will be real difference makers throughout the playoffs.  Take Vladimir Sabotka for example, this little engine will not quit!  Just when you think you’ve escaped him, he’ll be on you quicker than Jonathan Toews is on a VIP list for a Magic Mike première.  He really helps define this team’s mentality, look for him to have a huge impact in the first series against the Kings.

If the Blues advance past the first round they will have a cakewalk in the conference semis.  Both the Wild and the Blackhawks are incredibly weak playoff teams and both teams looked anything but strong the final week of the season.  This is our unbiased opinion.  If you disagree (It’s cause you are wrong), please let us know.

-Andrew Murky