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Last night we saw our first big altercation of the young baseball season and Matt Kemp is more pissed than a fat kid at a farmer’s market.  Zack Greinke threw an inside pitch that plunked the batter and mêlée broke out.  I do have to give Greinke props for not backing down but he still ended up looking like a 12 year old bitch.  How the heck did that hit break his collarbone?  Maybe if he would have been more of a fat kid this never would have happened.

Just like malice in the palace, sports analyst saw this as an opportune time to talk about how this should have never happened and they are disappointed it did.  Well here is one writer who disagrees.  I say bring on the fights!  It’s what the people want!  Hell, the batter should have taken the bat with him.  I usually couldn’t care less about West Coast baseball, but I’ll perk up when something like this happens.  It’s what draws us to sports teams we usually don’t give a damn about.  It’s also what draws us to Chris Brown and Rihanna.  Consequently, maybe that’s another reason Matt Kemp is more pissed than a lactose intolerant fat kid at Dairy Queen.

Bottom line, the more fighting in sports the more publicity and interest.  After all, sports are the only place where you can brawl your brains out and not be subject to the normal legal repercussions.   If I see another fight in this baseball series I’ll be happier than a fat kid sporting a diaper at Golden Corral.

Let’s get ready to rumble!

-Andrew Murky