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Well we have waited….And waited.  But after enduring 162 games (163 for Texas and Tampa Bay), the postseason rosters are finally set.  The self proclaimed 2013 World Series Champion Nationals are nowhere to be found.  This can be blamed solely on Obama and the turmoil he has instilled in Washington.  Obviously it was difficult for the Nationals to truly play under the moniker “Nationals” when our country can’t even stay open. (Thanks a lot Obama!)

But I digress….  The St. Louis Cardinals are the hottest team in baseball, and, based off their post season success, have to be the strong favorites to emerge from the NL.  The Reds and Pirates play this evening in a winner-take-all matchup.  It will be nice to sit back and watch who will get the not so desirable task of opposing the Cardinals in the NLDS.

The other NLDS matchup pairs the Dodgers vs. the Braves.  Both of these teams stumbled into the postseason and it will be interesting to see which team chokes (or swallows) first.  I have a feeling the Braves can outlast LA despite the peril of Clayton Kershaw potentially pitching two games in this series.  Will someone please rebreak Greinke’s collarbone, and kick Puig in the face for good measure?  I could see myself coming around and liking Puig… if only his medallion was just a tad bigger….

My NLCS prediction: Cardinals vs. Atlanta with the Cardinals utilizing home field advantage (which the Braves coughed up in the last weekend) to win the series in 6 games.

AL Prediction: Who cares?  This league continues to make a mockery of MLB with their DH, and the fact they have men actually pose as “managers.”  Billy, the “special” kid down the street, could “manage” a DH aided AL lineup.  Good grief.  If I have to pick: Cleveland (is Wild Thing still the closer?)

Cardinals vs. the Indians in this year’s fall classic!  You can take that to the bank.

“Sitting on a table does not make it a chair, just makes you a table raper.” -Anonymous

Andrew Murky, MBA


Many Cardinal fans were upset and felt betrayed after Pujols left baseball heaven.  I wish I could have implored those fans to listen to the Rodd Stewart classic “I wish I knew what I know now.”  Pujols, hair receding, now looks like the shell of the great player he once was.  The only thing he’s losing quicker than his hair are his production numbers, and as he nears closer to age 50 the aches and pains will continue to make it that much harder to get up in the morning.  The alone comfort is that the bags of money he will receive over the next 8.5 years outweigh the bags forming under his eyes, Ha barely!  The Cardinals have always made savvy baseball moves, and John Mozeliak not resigning this aging superstar with ever dwindling numbers may have made the smartest move yet.

Perhaps Albert can push that sun back up in the sky for one more series and play like the Albert of old. After all, the Angels haven’t really had much to play for over the past two seasons. Maybe this will give him and the team some added motivation.  However, this is one reporter who isn’t that optimistic- just unbiased.  When a prize horse or dog starts declining we euthanize them…  When Pujols does it the Angels give him millions (go figure).  Let’s celebrate the Angels obligation to overcompensate a player who should have been put out to pasture.  We’ll be watching closely tonight Albert, prove us wrong.  And that my friends is the way the cookie crumbles.  Nom nom.

-Andrew Murky

Jayson Werth

Tell that whore witch we need to borrow her broom as the Cardinals are doing some sweeping.  Also, let her know that Davey Johnson might need to conjure up some of her witchcraft to help improve his slumping club.

The Washington Nationals fell to the St. Louis Cardinals for the third consecutive game Wednesday afternoon.  Stephen Strasburg suffered his 4th consecutive loss, and for a team that declared themselves The Champs in spring training they are showing nominal life.  Now it is early in the baseball season and there is plenty of time for them to right the ship, but this team better start showing some more “Natitude” ASAP.

Davey Johnson is old and Jayson Werth looks homeless, obviously this combination is not adding up to a winning record.  Everyone knows the equation for winning is three homeless guys and two old men…  Stephen Strasburg’s curveball is currently about as deceptive as Jim Harbaugh on cocaine at Jim Schwartz’s holiday party.  I am confident the Nationals can eventually turn it around, and if not, it won’t be the first time we were lied to by Washington.

-Andrew Murky