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Jayson Werth

Tell that whore witch we need to borrow her broom as the Cardinals are doing some sweeping.  Also, let her know that Davey Johnson might need to conjure up some of her witchcraft to help improve his slumping club.

The Washington Nationals fell to the St. Louis Cardinals for the third consecutive game Wednesday afternoon.  Stephen Strasburg suffered his 4th consecutive loss, and for a team that declared themselves The Champs in spring training they are showing nominal life.  Now it is early in the baseball season and there is plenty of time for them to right the ship, but this team better start showing some more “Natitude” ASAP.

Davey Johnson is old and Jayson Werth looks homeless, obviously this combination is not adding up to a winning record.  Everyone knows the equation for winning is three homeless guys and two old men…  Stephen Strasburg’s curveball is currently about as deceptive as Jim Harbaugh on cocaine at Jim Schwartz’s holiday party.  I am confident the Nationals can eventually turn it around, and if not, it won’t be the first time we were lied to by Washington.

-Andrew Murky