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Phil Mickelson

Poverty sucks and so do the bleeding hearts that enable it.

This article is a bit belated, but it is something I am fairly passionate about so I decided it was time I wrote something about it.  Phil Mickelson is unhappy that his federal income tax climbed from 35 to 39 percent, and who the hell can blame him?  I know there are people out there who argue that he is a millionaire and can afford it but that’s not the point.  Why is anyone else entitled to Phil’s money other than Phil?  Taxes should be used to pay for roads, protection and education.  Not much else!  Phil is actually spot on with his comments and I am one writer who agrees 100% with him.  I have always been an advocate of a flat tax rate.  The people who think Phil should be giving nearly half of his income back to the government are probably the same morons that vote for ultra left wingers every election.  This entitlement culture we have created drives me insane.  I am not a republican, but fiscal conservative policies are the only ones that make sense.  This is a call out to any far lefts that believe Phil’s comments were out of touch. If anyone can give me one good argument that actually makes sense I will gladly eat crow, but the truth is you can’t.  Liberal media reports regurgitate the same rhetoric over and over again.

Let’s stop punishing the rich for being the best at something.  Phil is the best golfer in the world and he should be compensated as such.  I am the best sports columnist in the world and I demand a hefty salary for it, but a majority of that income should be mine and not the state or federal governments.  As someone much wiser than me once said: “G-L-A-M-O-R-O-U-S… I’m flying first class…”  

-Andrew Murky